Data Analysis & Optimisation

Our technical experts analyze Digital Customer engagement across your company’s Digital Ecosystem to understand the performance of your digital strategies. We track and examine the website and social media visitors, Newsletter performance, and application interactivity. Tansley’s comprehensive Sustainability Report presents data from the previous three months of activity across your company’s website, social media channels, online store, and newsletter. The complete performance review illustrates an integrated view of Digital Customers, applications, and activity, so your business can anticipate behavior changes and capitalize on conversion opportunities. Additionally, our technical experts examine your company’s website for search engine optimization (SEO) to constantly improve the quality and quantity of website traffic and Digital Customer interaction. Our focus is to empower your company to heighten its brand awareness, service offering, and Digital Customer engagement to reduce costs and increase growth, so your Digital Ecosystem thrives. Our tailored Sustainability Reporting has established Tansley as Montreal’s leading SEO and Website Optimization expert.