2023 Digital World Review

This past year has been marked by monumental events locally and abroad. So, we are sharing our insights on the most relevant digital marketing trends in 2023 that can impact your business.

1. Quebec’s Law 25

This past autumn, the Quebec government made a bold move and enacted Law 25.  The new regulation makes personal information protection a priority.  Companies operating websites must now inform customers about the type of information they collect during a site visit and empower customers to request the company remove any information they may digitally store.  Law 25 sets the standard for other governments worldwide by introducing substantial fines for non-compliance. Quebec is the first major North American authority to adopt a law inspired by the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. Tansley has already helped many clients comply with Law 25.

2. Rise of Text Message Marketing

Email and newsletters are still some of the most powerful and effective ways for a business to communicate with its customers. However, text message advertising has quickly become a popular mode of interaction for some businesses. Our mobile phones are a key communication tool for most people, so, unsurprisingly, companies are testing text as an effective way to reach potential customers. However, acquire consent before your company starts sending texts.

3. Search Engine Relevance

Some social media networks have plateaued in growth over the past year.  The changing trend indicates that it is time to review how you allocate your advertising budget. Despite the surge in content searches directly on social media platforms, traditional search engines like Google remain vital for your business success.  The Google search platform empowers businesses to understand their customer’s behavior to make informed strategic marketing decisions.   It is crucial to understand the digital habits of your clientele to effectively target a social network because your customers may migrate to a new platform at any time. Many advertisers are slowly shifting back to search engines, and we encourage you to continue your advertising campaigns on Google so you can study your customers’ behavior to reach them on their platform of choice. Search engines like Google remain vital for your business success because they allow you to reach a much wider audience with your advertisements.

4. ChatGPT and the Democratization of AI

Artificial intelligence has quickly evolved with the introduction of Chat GPT. The conversational AI-fueled application can answer questions and generate content after simple text prompts. And despite several ethical concerns, it is clear that AI is here to stay. Microsoft’s Bing search engine and image generators have incorporated AI, and the long-term impact will only grow more significant. For example, AI can help support business operations through chatbot integration on a website and AI-fuelled product recommendations based on customer purchase history. The possibilities for AI business integration will become more efficient and effective as they are integrated into business systems.

5. Decline of X (Twitter)

Twitter has experienced a mass exodus of information specialists this past year. The downward trend has yet to be reversed despite attempts to diversify its user base and introduce new polarizing norms, such as charging for the blue checkmark and reducing content moderation. The downfall of Twitter is an important reminder that social media platforms are not eternal. Your business needs to diversify its communication platforms to communicate with your customers.  Multiple communication platforms empower your business to reach its audience in the way they prefer to receive information. Large social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are slowly losing popularity because more users are migrating to platforms that focus on particular interests, such as LinkedIn for professionals, Discord for gamers, Pinterest for creatives, etc. To maintain market share, businesses must be cautious about focusing all of their resources and efforts on emerging smaller players and established giants.

Tansley believes the email newsletter is the most powerful and personal solution to communicate directly with clients.  Because no matter what happens with the other platforms, you will only lose your direct connection to your customer’s inbox if they delete their email.  The blog in this newsletter highlights how more and more businesses are turning to consistent newsletters as their preferred mode of communication with their customers.  The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and entrepreneurs can’t ignore it. Not all trends may affect you right now, but keeping an eye on them is a good idea. Tansley can help you comply with new digital privacy regulations, optimize your search engine strategy, integrate AI into your digital operations, and determine which marketing tactics could help your business in this continually evolving environment. Please contact us today to see how Tansley can help your business in the New Year!